Sunday, 8 April 2012

Gorgeous Writer's Keepsake Box

Authentically authory (I know that's not a real word...), but this wordy, page covered Keepsake or Memory box is gorgeous and made by daughter! Now I want one too!

It's made from an old shoe box, using torn out pages from an old unwanted book (or duplicate book, I don't have many unwanted ones!) and pva glue. She covered it with my matt finish Mod Podge glue and added a brass cupboard door handle at each end, using her favourite 'Serious' Glue from Evo Stick. If you want more info the process is on her blog:  bekahcat.blogspot and see more pictures!

I love it and it looks amazing, even better than the picture shows!

Below added 16th April:

And here is my box...

Made from a second copy of one of my favourite trilogies 'Abhorsen' by Garth Nix.

My daughter has some really good ideas! That, and she wouldn't let me keep my sewing kit in an old ice-cream box if I wanted it out 'on show' it has a new box...voila! 

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  1. A really lovely box. Worth a copy, or she could produce commercially?