Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lucky Seven Tag...

I feel privileged! I've been tagged in Lucky 7. Here's how it works... 

     1.  Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript.

     2.  Go to line 7.
     3.  Copy down the next seven lines/sentences as they are - no cheating.
     4.  Tag seven other authors.

My current WIP in is several states of editing, and I've used a couple of excerpts lately in Five Sentence Fiction, so I grabbed the last manuscript I've written from my book 'Beneath the Rainbow', this is Page 7 on my Word document...though, obviously you'll get a different paragraph from the Kindle version! 

'Her friends sat by their parents, not all had come, some parents thought services like this were too much for ones so young to bear, but Freya smiled at those who had come. Her friends sat there, stiff and quiet, in awe of the occasion. One or two of the boys had let their minds wander and one was studying a spider crawling up the side of the pulpit.
Her best friend, Meg, stared at the coffin, and swung her legs to and fro. Meg liked the flowers and nodded to herself in approval at the bluebells. She leaned close to her mother and whispered. “Is she in there?”
Meg's mother glanced down mortified at her daughter's question, but relieved that it had been whispered, a child not so well brought up might have said it out loud...that was too much to consider.'

So now to tag...you may have been tagged before (sorry), but I like your writing...so if you haven't already...we'd love to see your work! 


  1. Lisa, it's lovely and I'm intrigued about the whole story. You write about the imaginations and world of childhood difficulties very well. Your story of the girl under the leaf has stayed with me since I read it.

    Thank you for the tag too. Just need to get myself organized to do it! Hugs!

  2. I agree with Jo-Anne! This is very beautiful and sad in an innocent childlike way. Love it. I'll have to steal my mom's Kindle and get the book, I want to know more!

  3. I also agree. This is very beautiful. And having just been at both a viewing and a funeral with a child (my own) I have to say you nailed both the curiosity and reverence of a young child in such a difficult situation.

    Thanks for joining in!!