Friday, 11 May 2012

Five Sentence Fiction: Sombrero

Winter’s sun, forever on the horizon, cast tired rays across the virgin snow as they ran, giggling and flushed and happy; their pace slowed and bemused confusion fell across their faces as they came to an abrupt halt.
Baffled, he kicked it and it jerked up into the air with a flurry of snow settling before them like a gigantic upturned saucer.
He moved to kick again but she raised her hand and bent to retrieve the object, shook away its frosty coating and stared at it in puzzlement before placing it with a flourish, the right way up, on her head atop her chunky, fur-fringed Eskimo hood.
She giggled, girlishly, and posed, one hand holding the now droopy monstrosity and the other pointing to her pursed lips in a coy fashion; his bewildered laugh made her frown as he shook his head and grabbed the floppy base whipping it off her head.
A moment later his hunting-knife had cut two holes big enough for his thick-gloved hands and his oily catch of the day was placed within its cone, and the sides gathered up in one hand to form a sturdy, straw basket then he leaned forward to brush his cold lips across the cheek of his other catch of the day.


  1. I think you did it! I especially understood at the end that it was a sombrero when the hunter made a basket out of the hat. I love the imaginary of the boy and girl playing in the snow and trying to figure out what the sombrero is!
    Lovely story. =)

  2. Completely unexpected imagery - I love the way you turned the idea of sombrero upside down :)) Very well done Lisa! Who would have thought I would feel chilly thinking about a Mexican hat?!

  3. What an interesting take. I wouldn't think to associate a sombrero with snow either. I love that unexpected aspect. A basket actually seems like a pretty good use for a sombrero, too. Very enjoyable.

  4. A great combination, snow and sombrero. Really original, loved it.

  5. Wow!!! Really original...great read?

  6. Ah, great twist to the story. I too love the idea of snow and a sombero in the same context. Love the last line! Nice work!!

  7. I love your take on this prompt!
    It's like placing fire and ice side by side... interesting image of an "icy sombrero".
    Great writing!

  8. I had to read it twice! And then I realised they were in the snow and their entertainment was the abandoned sombrero. Would love to know how it ended up there but love the way it was used in the end.