Monday, 23 July 2012

Visual Dare: Gutted

Anonymous Legacy's Visual Dare #14

Bare battens pressed into her back and powdered plaster fell like a flurry of snow onto her head as she sank to the floor amid the rubble. 
She swallowed hard, her mouth as parched as the rotted wood. Her hands shook in the same way as the torn wallpaper did in the breeze, and dust particles dancing in the rays of sunlight over by the door made her giggle. 
More dry plaster floated and landed, mingling with the lines on the cracked mirror in her hand, but her mind was already stripped of reason and she sniffed, inhaling deeply…

(98 Words)


  1. Wow, powerful stuff, very poetic.

  2. O my! This is a new twist I haven't seen yet. Love the implied parallel meaning for "gutted" here. Would like to know how she got there, and what happened to rob her of her sanity... o__O

    Great stuff! Thanks for participating!!

  3. Thanks for your comments, I liked this one. Enjoyed the ambiguity!

  4. A great story Lisa.
    I loved the imagery conjured up by lines like, 'Her hands shook in the same way as the torn wallpaper did in the breeze...'
    In the end I was wondering just what had stripped her mind.
    A great read - thanks.