Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blogflash: Day Five: Frustration

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)
Day Five: Frustration
Flood Part Two:

“I still think it’s biblical, forty days and nights…”
“Only it wasn’t forty days or nights, dear.”
“No it was more!”
“Typical old British Summer then.”
Water slapped the side of the boat.
“What d’you think happened to those in charge?”
“No idea…it was all a bit of a rush in the end wasn’t it?”
“You think they saw it coming?”
“No…or they’d never have done it.”
“Hmmm, bit more than a rain dance wasn’t it. Think they’d have known drought-ridden soil wouldn’t take that much…” Ominous swirling clouds darkened. “And here it comes again…will it ever stop?”

(98 words)


  1. Fantastic dialogue! Loved this!!

  2. Yes! Their banter is absolutely awesome!! Wonderful!! :)

  3. Loved the dialogue. Wonderful :)

  4. Fantastic convo going on between the two. Another brilliant piece Lisa. xx

  5. I love the piece! My assistant/publicist is British, and I'm learning a lot about the British 'summer' this year!

  6. Glad you're enjoying the conversation, I hope you get to pick up clues to their situation over a few more posts!
    Terri, I'm so glad to be taking part in this blogflash, and the British, wet (again!)!