Friday, 24 August 2012

Blogflash: Day Twenty-Four: In The Woods

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (please do not use without permission)
Day Twenty-Four: In The Woods
Flood Part Twenty

“You seeing much with those binoculars dear?”
“There’s a lot of debris…”
“Do you have any idea where we are?”
The boat rose and fell on the waves and an inconspicuous twisted branch narrowly missed the bow as it floated by.
“I think so, I’m looking for landmarks…we’ve definitely been out on the ocean, not inland. There are woods up there across the headland…”
“And in the sea too dear…look, flotsam and jetsam…” 
“Aren’t they eels in Disney?” 
“I’ll ignore that dear. So how do we get closer?”
“Well we’re still drifting, so we’re not out of the woods yet…”

(100 Words)


  1. “Aren’t they eels in Disney?”
    Haha, can't help but laugh. But it ended when I came to the last line! Let's see what happens . . .

  2. Afsaneh is right - every time I think there's a moment of brevity and it's okay to feel some relief, you ratchet up the tension and I'm anxious all over again!! Wonderful!! :)

  3. Finally caught up on the last few you your posts, this story just gets better & better-I really hope when they land it all works out :)

  4. I've been playing catch up but now that I have Lisa, this is good stuff and am sorry that this story will be coming to an end soon! :0)

    1. Thanks Donna, I'm crafting the ending bit by bit and I don't want it to end!
      Blogflash has been so much fun and I've loved reading everyone's pieces!

  5. Love the ref to Disney; I guess they can afford the luxury of banter now they appear safe. . . . until the last line. Gorgeous again chick. xxx

  6. I giggled with the Disney ref, like the Titanic ref before! It's fun to put them in...they need a bit of light relief!
    Thanks for all the lovely comments over the weeks so far!

  7. Love the Disney line! Maybe they're not out of the woods yet, but they can see what's on the land so that's promising for them!

  8. There has been humour throughout their drama, hope it lasts. Will this have a happy ending?

  9. I certainly do feel more hopeful for them now!