Monday, 27 August 2012

Blogflash: Day Twenty-Seven: History

Photograph by Bekah Shamrbook (please do not use without permission)
Day Twenty-Seven: History
Flood Part Twenty-Three

“Storms knocked out communications…”
“Like the lightning did on our boat, losing the radio?”
“Yes, but satellites are pretty much fine now the rain’s stopped and communications around the world are rebuilding via links from ships with satellite equipment.” 
“So where’s the government dear?”
“The Major said that when ‘Rainburst’ trials started to deviate from plans they fled to the best military ships. They disappeared when the TV networks went down.”
“That figures, so where are they now?”
“Out on the ocean somewhere. The likes of us left to fend for ourselves…”
“So what of ‘Rainburst’?”
“Torpedoed…to stop the floods…”

(100 Words)


  1. Ah, now we know the reason for the flood! And yes, just like the government to protect themselves instead of the people!! Beautiful photo!!

    1. Thanks. One of my daughter's pics, I'm raiding her archives now!

  2. That is a gorgeous photo! Interesting to find out the reason for the flood!!!

  3. A manmade flood; people messing where they shouldn't mess. Maybe as there wasn't enough rain so to prevent a doomsday? Typical of the fat cats; men in suits to disappear and look after no1 as they are so very good at. Brilliant piece and gorgeous

  4. Excellent plot twist. Lovely photo x.

  5. Interesting to see it now unfolding - not a natural disaster, but a man-made one. When will we learn?

  6. Very interesting to discover the real cause behind it was not natural. Wasn't expecting this - nice twist!