Wednesday, 1 August 2012

UnZombie Tale

#unZombieTales Flash Fiction Contest by zombiemechanics My entry into J. Whitworth Hazzard's contest sponsored by Check out the other entries!

It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut. Jake stood at the window armed with his air rifle. I crouched beneath the sill holding Scott close in one arm whilst struggling to cling on to Beth with the other. Scott released a piercing wail and I clamped my hand hard across his mouth. He began to cry and my own tears slipped down my cheeks wetting his head.
“Well, that’s done it, they know we’re in here now…” Jake’s rifle hit the floor as he dropped beside me.
“He’s only a baby…what did you expect!” I hissed. Beth squirmed out of my grip and crawled wildly across the floor. “Get back here sweetheart!”
The moaning behind the window had reached an insistent whine and Jake didn’t dare move. We both stared at Beth standing alone pointing at the window.
“Bethy…” began Jake, his voice an octave higher, “Chrissie, where did she get that cut on her arm…”
My tears streamed faster.  I couldn’t have left her there…outside, I couldn’t have done it. He’d let go when I’d pulled her hard enough.
Beth growled and Jake let out a moan. Her pale skin was now insipid and blue veins stood out on her white gangrenous arms.  Her sunken eyes gazed at us and spittle dribbled out of her loose mouth.
“Chrissie…” Jake murmured, “Out the back door…save our family.”
I ran with Scott and heard the shot that told me Bethy was no longer part of our family.

(250 Words)


  1. Not to zombie at all, loved it. Amazing what we'd do for our kids even if we know it's wrong :)

  2. Loved it. Your descriptions of the zombiefied Beth is awesome!

    1. And that picture is absolutely horrid! Very clever finding one to fit seeing as a child. xxx

    2. Ha ha Lizzie...that my daughter! My older daughter's a face-painter, special effects...and this was her first zombie piece using her long-suffering little sister!
      I had to use it! ;)