Friday, 14 September 2012

Visual Dare: Scattered


Shoes lay abandoned, forsaken and forgotten. 
Once-proud, tall, glamorous heels sat beside discarded slip-ons and superfluous slippers congregated with redundant odd sling-backs. 
Velcro was unstuck, laces untied, buckles rusted and straps broken. Even thigh-high boots had lost their appeal, and thrust-aside trainers littered the pavement beside unwanted sandals. 
All sat silent and lost, except for a roller-skate which creaked forward in quiet desperation when the wind blew.
Now feet were bare and unprotected since mankind discovered the ability to defy gravity. 
He hovered, freshly appointed, wondering whether the new power of levitation stretched to the reorganisation of shoes… 

(98 Words)


  1. Ooooo! A quantum leap - a levitating society - reality is about to be redefined!! Great opening for what feels like a longer story. Great work!! *high five*

  2. love the line about the roller skate, so eerie :)

  3. I love the contrast between the different type of shoes and I agree with sjp the rollerskate is very eerie!

  4. Love the way you describe the shoes, great idea, agree with rollerskate comments too :)

  5. The imagery in this is wonderful, Lisa! I particularly love the image of the roller skate creaking in the wind. That visual says so many things.

    As always, you've done a great job of pulling us into the scene and into the unique world you've created. Really a great job on this!!!

  6. Ah, Lisa, you've got the knack, you have! What a wonderful job of painting word pictures--the images of the shoes and the roller skate are so vivid. Great concept, and I love that last line!

  7. Thank you for all the lovely comments! These prompts (and FSF) are becoming harder as everyone's raised the bar, just being part of them is so much fun! It's so much more challenging to find new angles every time!

  8. The way you strung these images together is fantastic! It's vivid and interesting. Really creative take on the prompt!!!