Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Triple Visual Dare #1: Five Sentence Fiction: Candidate

Anonymous Legacy's Triple Visual Dare #1
Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction - Candidate

When Alice tumbled through the rabbit hole and chased the white rabbit through the forest, she knew she was onto a winner. Time was no constraint, but as the path narrowed the bunny skidded left and Alice almost lost him. She veered after him and reeled at the top of the spiral staircase, teetering on the top step.
Alice paused, smoothed her long, blond hair and adjusted her black ribbon; it was a long way to the bottom…
The rabbit’s cottontail bounced from step to step and she couldn’t resist, she was a prime candidate set for a new wonderland…

(100 Words)
(3 Visual Dare Photographs)
(5 Sentences)

Written for Anonymous Legacy's Triple Visual Dare #1 including all three images, but not managing to link with my current NaNoWriMo project! However, maybe there are bonus points for keeping it to five sentences for Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction?


  1. Fits all the images perfectly, as I was reading was bouncing along with the rabbit :)

  2. Great job making it fit into both challenges. I love the way you played off the classic story.

  3. WOO!! You nailed all three prompts!! And I am dying to know more about this "new wonderland" say this is NOT part of your NaNo story? O my! Can't tell. It seems like there's a distinct story unraveling here already...

    1. Ha ha, no, not my NaNo, but fun all the same!

  4. Love it!! Wow!! I'm with Angela!! There is one wild ride of a story here and I so want to buckle up and enjoy what comes next!! :D

  5. Lisa - you rocked this!!!I'm completely jealous! Great story, beautifully written in 5 sentences, using the inspiration word and all three visual dare photos! Really loved this bouncy tale! :))

  6. Cool, Alice certainly was a great way of combining all challenges into one.

  7. Really well done! I felt that hestitation at the top of the descending staircase, and then committment to the choice to abandon fear and follow down. The pictures were perfect, the writing was sublime!

  8. Very nicely done - 2 memes, all the prompts, and a fun little story, as well.


  9. Haha definitely think you scored the bonus points with this one, great pace :)