Wednesday, 26 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Love

Photograph by Sarah Hall, manipulated by Lisa Shambrook
(Please do not use without permission)

He’d never tell, but Kryos was jealous of his friends’ bond, something he could only ever dream of.  Within his devastated race he was the last surviving Krystallos. 

The vision he’d followed through the fog, last night, still haunted him… She was comparable to his race, but she wasn’t Krystallos. She was white, but she’d shimmered translucent green. Other details were hazy, and he’d really only caught a glimpse of her long, swishing tail as she’d vanished into the mist.
He had to find her...

Salt laced the air as the waves crashed against the mountain. The sea breeze revitalised him and as he soared around the eastern peak his mouth dropped. There she was, his ethereal vision, floating on the prevailing wind.
She whirled and spiralled through the air, flying without inhibition or fear. She was a lone creature dancing, above the ocean, dancing to her own song. 
He hung back watching in amazement and she twisted taking on an iridescent hue, the kind of green trapped within an opal, destined to shine with effulgence whenever a stray ray of brilliant light caught it.
Without a doubt it was her. Kryos beheld his ghost, and couldn’t move. He stared transfixed as she wheeled like a lost jewel against the clear blue sky.

He pressed into the mountainside, fearful of being seen, though he blended perfectly against the snow-bleached rocks. His heart thumped almost audibly against his tightened chest, and he watched as the wind carried her across the ocean. He fought the urge to leap into the sky, proud and majestic, and race to meet her. There was no way he was going to scare her off this time. Again, he melted into the frozen rock and couldn’t take his eyes off the mysterious dragon that thawed his heart.

(300 Words)

Day Two: February - Love
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  1. Oh I love this! Who is she? What is she? Will he find her again?

  2. Oh I hope we're going to read more of her - and him. Effulgence is such a good word too!

  3. Oh, Lisa, such a delightful chase. I love this. so much longing and beauty. Truly a love about to be born. Thank you!

  4. Kryos is my baby, my last Krystallos! He'll crop up now and then...but his story is always a WIP..!
    Thanks for the love!

    1. PS. he's a dragon... read more of him here:

  5. Was caught from the start, who is she, will he find her and be successful, this was so full of promise and hope I just loved it!!!!

  6. Ah, so lovely. Dragon love burns the brightest! This story hooks right into the imagination and refuses to let go--beautifully written, delicious imagery. I love this line (among others): "He stared transfixed as she wheeled like a lost jewel against the clear blue sky."

  7. Dragons! Dragons! Oh. Did I mention Dragons! (:

  8. What Mark said!!! Dragons!!! LOVE IT!!! :)

  9. A dragon's dance of love. I love this tale Lisa! xxx

  10. Dragons! Whopping great big dragons! Love them - will have to take this outside to read to my dragon-pack when the weather is warmer.

  11. I always love a little dragon lovestory. xo