Wednesday, 26 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Snow

This is written for the 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop with Rowanwolf over at A Jar of Fireflies. The theme is Gifts and each of the twelve days represents a month: January - Snow:

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook (Please do not use without permission)

As the snow fell, swirling and eddying, Cerys danced around her parents. She pirouetted and twirled, and leaped and flew around the garden, circling her mum and dad. 
The snow slipped through her fingers, its glitter coating everything else it touched, and she tilted her head, raising her face to the blizzard, trying to absorb the flakes that fell. 
Mum and dad stood oblivious to anything but themselves, their arms wrapped tightly around each other. Nothing Cerys did caught their attention, so she became wilder, twirling like a tornado, her arms outstretched, and flurries of snow spinning around her like a cyclone. 
Still nothing impacted her parents.
They stood in silence, her mother’s head resting upon her husband’s shoulder. Her eyes were closed and her nose was red, and the grey tracks of mascara upon her cheeks now tainted his cream fleece.  His eyes were as red as her nose and his arms ached as he held his wife as close as he could, and they stood amid the squall oblivious to their daughter’s efforts.  
Cerys danced and frolicked in the snowfall, and dressed in white, decorated with a million tiny, silver snowflakes, and fur-lined, white boots, she was a sight they could not behold.
She moved as gracefully and as invisible as the wind, but she was there, dancing her heart out…
Their grief and loss blinded them, but she danced still…she danced and danced until her mother’s freezing breath finally gasped, as tiny childlike footprints emerged in the snow. Footprints that danced and danced, and then were gone…

(260 words)


  1. What a poignant ghostly snowfall, full of love and sorrow and just delightful, Lisa. Thank you!! Left childlike footprints on my heart. :D

  2. Wow, I so did not expect that, so moving yet delightful :)

  3. Lisa - you capably,and oh so beautifully, grabbed and squeezed the heart with this lovely story. I've learned to expect nothing less from you. :)))

  4. Great portrayal of the grieving parents surrounded in the clean blindness of snow, contrasted against a childs fervent joy

  5. Oh, Lisa! This tugged my heart-stings! The imagery was beautiful! xo

  6. This is wonderful... absolutely beautiful imagery! Stunning...

  7. Thank you all...I cheated somewhat (as time was precious on Christmas day) and completely rewrote a scenario from 'Beneath the Rainbow', placed new emphasis, different names and enjoyed revisiting!

  8. I guessed where this was going about two thirds through and my heart nearly broke - reminiscent of the Lovely Bones. Just beautiful - your writing is always so emotional.

  9. Oh my gosh Lisa. This is most beautiful and extremely emotional. I've missed your writing (my fault for not being in the zone) and so pleased to have not miussed this. xxx

  10. Okay, you. You made me cry! On Christmas! (Well, Boxing Day, anyway.) This is beautiful; heartbreaking and tear-inducing, but so, so beautiful, and so beautifully written.

  11. I really appreciate everyone's comments and I hardly ever advertise my book, but if you liked this...or like my writing in on my book/amazon link at the top of the page and give 'Beneath the Rainbow' a go...see what you think?

  12. Lovely, poignant till the last word.

  13. I thought this writing seemed really familiar! I'm 3/4 of the way through Beneath the Rainbow and loving it!! It's so beautifully written and heartfelt. Just read the scene with Jen and Pete meeting on the motorcycle and it was so cute! I should finish it tonight or tomorrow. Really well done. :)

    1. So glad you're enjoying it Sophie! Let me know what you think at the end...I'm so looking forward to Sam and Glenna's story!