Saturday, 29 December 2012

Five Sentence Fiction: Ending

Photograph by Bekah Shambrook (please do not use without permission)

She watched him walk away.
Forget those Princess dreams, forget those ‘love will conquer all’ quotes, forget the ‘happily ever after’, life just doesn’t play those games.
She watched him glance back with pain in his blue eyes and a single tear slipping down his cheek. Her own heart threatened to crack, but the ice was too thick, and she quickly hugged her arms around her shivering body, locked her heart deep down in the icy cavern and walked away.
She refused to look back.

Written for Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction,
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  1. too sad :-( but beautifully written as always

  2. What is ever as
    Cold as lost love?


  3. Love it, the pain, the bitter scene, the cold symbolism.

  4. It's always a choice to turn away. Well done!

  5. I loved the icy ending to this relationship, a heart locked in ice is most certainly true in such situations... great descriptive writing, heavy with real emotion.