Wednesday, 23 January 2013

55 Words #43: Tracks

The delay caused numerous reactions ranging from an irritating tapping of five-inch-heels and drumming fingers to frustrated glances at watches, long sighs and frequent calls home, but by far the most disturbing reaction was from the driver, who after the sickening impact, vacated his cab and walked directly in front of the 5.47 from Paddington.

(55 Words)

This one's a bit dark, but hey that's how the picture grabbed me...
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  1. The end punched all air out of me, what a twist! You have juxtaposed it very well too, with the ordinary 'finger tapping' and other reactions. Felt sympathy towars the ones waiting and then the final line just changed everything... really makes you wonder why we always rush places?
    Also, left me wondering about the driver. What made him do it? Always a good ending when it leaves reader not empty of words but yearning for more, explanations, feelings, the aftermath.
    Great piece!