Friday, 11 January 2013

Flash! Friday: Looking for Life...

They were looking for life…but in all the wrong places. No atmosphere, no ocean, no luscious land, like I said, looking in the wrong place.
While they scoured the dry surface their bounding steps resonated through underground caverns, hidden valleys of green, crystalline ceilings and overlooked the most abundant prospect…life.

(50 Words)

Written for Flash! Friday Week 6 with Rebekah Postupak and Shenandoah Valley Writers You can follow Rebekah on Twitter at @postupak.
Write a story for the prompt in only 50 words.


  1. This is so reminiscent of Heinlein's take on Mars, for me, with the underground "nests." I love the idea that there's so much more beneath the surface that we just haven't even thought to look for.

  2. You've packed so much in 50 words Lisa. Very descriptive. What a shame they never looked beneath their feet. xx