Saturday, 16 February 2013

Love Bites Blog Hop: Voting Commences...

Sharpen your pencils and cast your votes...
Fan Favourite Contest
Open for votes Friday 15th February through midnight (est) Sunday 17th February.

Vote for your favourite entry in the comments box below by typing in the name of the writer and the title of their story.
You can vote on my blog Below...or Here or Here...
In addition to the stories linked below, we have an entrant without a blog whose story is posted HERE, so please be sure to stop by and read, comment and take into consideration! 

*Please note: stories by Hop Hostesses: Elisabeth Koch, Lisa Shambrook and Ruth Long are not eligible for votes.

Writers get our there and shamelessly pimp your story! 

Voters: one vote per person, please!
Winners will be announced Monday 18th February.

Best in Show wins One Hour Coaching 
with Rebecca T. Dickson
Emotional Whammy wins Personalised Painting
by Lee Clements
Judges Favourites win a Bookmark
by the Divine Hammer
Fan Favourite wins Bragging Rights and a Bookmark

Questions? Contact a hop hostess: @lizzie_loodles / @lastkrystallos / @laurahoward78 / @bullishink

And thanks for joining in it's been so much fun!


  1. I'm not voting because all of the entries were so good. I don't need coaching and was just very happy to take part. So please don't consider me in the voting either. Thanks, Cam xxx

    1. Aw, you're so sweet Cam...loved your entry though! x

    2. Nooooooo!!!!! I wanted to vote for Cameron Lawton's story "Odid's Finest Hour" as my FAVORITE!! This is just to bring the "Love Bites" theme home, right? Make me LOVE a story completely and then brutally take it out of the running? No fair—hmmf I say!

  2. Take me out of consideration too. i enjoy the challenge more than the bling.