Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday Mixer: Escape

This is for The Latinum Vault's Monday Mixer. Write a piece in exactly 150 words using at least three of the prompt words: a place, a thing and an adjective. 

Bitter winds tore at Harlan’s ragged, leather-clad legs as he trudged through the snow. His toes froze within battered boots, but he was too spent to notice.
“Move it, worm!” screamed Kane shoving his knife against Harlan’s cheek. “Got to make it before sundown, or we both freeze!” Neither the knife nor Kane’s derisive contempt made any difference to his prisoner’s footfalls.
Then the ice shifted and gave way. Pain seared through Harlan’s shoulder as his arm was yanked out of its socket. Kane’s shriek pierced the silence as he disappeared into the widening crevasse. Adrenalin surged and Harlan’s manacle bit into his wrist as Kane tried to claw back up the ice wall.
Harlan twisted and grabbed Kane’s dropped knife and wildly began sawing at his warden’s wrist while Kane withed in agony.
Harlan stood, silent and miniscule, drenched in sweat and blood, but at last he was free.

(150 Words)


  1. Like this a lot, not like you to be gruesome but I did enjoy the imagery of his sawing through the wardens wrist. :)

  2. Wow! That was a thriller of a ride; extremely dark and descriptive- blood thirsty in his escape. Well done chick. xx

  3. Really well done. Makes me wonder why he was a prisoner, and glad that he got free