Thursday, 7 February 2013

Visual Dare: Emerging

I ran, trying not to trip over my skirts, and held the swinging lamp as steady as I could.

Staying at Aunt Louise’s stern home for the entire school holiday would be torture. So I lie on my bed and stared at the only interesting thing in the house.  

Not long now, excitement bubbled as I hurried down the cobbled corridor lit only by a narrow crescent moon.

I sighed and blew out the candle. The gilded frame and its mysterious, dark alleys sank into gloom. I turned, only twisting back when an unexpected bobbing light emanated across the room.

I reached the gilded frame set at the cul-de-sac, hitched up my skirt and stepped through and there I was, staring at my intrusion in amazement…

I jumped when the girl climbed through the frame…

“Don’t be scared!” I grinned at my younger self, “That boring summer isn’t boring anymore!”

(150 Words)

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  1. Love the way the story has two perspectives!

  2. So cool that her older self came to save her from boredom,would be interested in hearing more about their adventures sometime :)

  3. I love this trip into time travel; saving one's self from boredom. If only. . . Xxx

  4. Really well put together; like the concept, and well presented.

  5. Well presented in a mystic way.

  6. One boring summer
    I lapsed into solipsism
    It's its own reward


  7. Brilliant! What a terrific story!

  8. a great take on the prompt Lisa!

  9. Freakishly BRILLIANT. That is all I have to say. Love, love, LOVE this...!!!

  10. Thanks everyone! This pic was fun...and I'm liking the next pic just as much (one week later!)