Monday, 18 February 2013

Visual Dare: Secret

This piece continues from my last  Visual Dare - Emerging:

“You’re me?” My eyes adjusted in the dim light and I stared with incredulity at the girl who’d invaded my room. 

“Yes, time travel, future you” I stretched out my hand and she flinched as I brushed her fingers.

I let my older-self take my hand and our minds forged! I couldn’t help but smile.

“C’mon, we’re going to have some fun!” I paused for a split second as she got to her feet, marvelling at my own innocence, at the surprise and delight on my young face.

Then she pulled me through the frame and I stepped into the dark, alley. “Where are we going?”

We ran, hand in hand, and I pulled out my key. “Forget Narnia and the Secret Garden, and this is more exciting than going through the looking glass…” I turned the key in the ancient, oak door and silver moon-light lit up our faces… 

(150 Words)

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  1. So glad you continued this, love the references to Narnia, Secret Garden and Alice - oh what adventures these two will have. Here's hoping next weeks prompt allows you to continue :)

  2. Wonderful!! You captured the magic and delight perfectly. :)

  3. Delighted that you gave us a continuation of the older/younger Me saga!! Beautifully magical. Can't wait to see where this goes next. :)