Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Diamonds in the Inky Night Sky...

My Orion's Belt Murano Glass bead from Lions Paw Jewelry

Last night I stood outside staring up at the stars in absolute array of diamonds sparkling against the indigo blanket of night... *sigh*

I adore the night sky and on a cold, crisp and clear night it's my favourite place to be...staring up at the Orion constellation in particular, which reminds me of my father and childhood stargazing. The night sky is offering two glorious twinkles in Jupiter and Venus right now too, so true wonders to behold!

If you get a clear sky, go and take a look, once the sun has gone to bed...


  1. It's tough to get a clear sky here ... pollution and all obstructs the view :-(

    1. I'm really lucky I love on the edge of a rural town, so the sky is pretty good when it's not raining! My parents are even further out of town and can see the milky way stretch right across the night sky...which is stunning! I wish I had a camera that could catch it and show you!