Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday Mixer: Moonlight Tryst

This is for The Latinum Vault's Monday Mixer. Write a piece in exactly 150 words using at least three of the nine prompts: a place, a thing and an adjective. I've gone for six, therefore putting myself up for Overachiever...

Photo by Lisa Shambrook Instagram Brannan (Please do not use without permission) 

Nell struggled to keep up with Liam, striding ahead up the hillock. She shivered as the cool night air danced across her bare skin, and her thin skirt wrapped itself around her legs. Liam glanced back, waiting a few yards ahead, and Nell’s pulse quickened. He was gorgeous and profligate with her emotions, but she just couldn’t help herself, she’d follow him from one end of the river to the other if he asked. The crease in his brow faded as she caught up.
Overlooking the firth was a small copse, the surrounding farmland abandoned, a perfect place for a nocturnal tryst.
Now pensive in the moonlight, Nell allowed him to pull her to the ground and as his eyes flashed and he shuffled in the dirt, his yelp surprised both of them! Slightly relieved, Nell examined his nether regions and not in the way he’d desired. “Caltrops!” she giggled.

(150 Words)


  1. Bl**dy awesome.. well done you..xx

  2. Lisa, I love your Monday Mixers. The ending is gold!

    1. Made me smile too, 'twas a great word to try and use!

  3. Lovely imagery and a great ending :)

  4. Once again a lovely Monday Mixer, i agree with the others the ending is awesome.

  5. A great ending to a really effective piece

  6. Wonderful!! I laughed out loud at the end (and startled my sleeping puppy awake)! Stellar closing lines!! :)