Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday Mixer: Scorned...

Photograph by Bekah Shambrook (Please do not use)


The walls spun and draconian drum beats thudded through his hangover, splitting his head. His socked feet slid on the swanky marble floor and a painful schism seared through his ankle as he raced to the window.
She’d posited her argument last night, but he’d been too drunk to garner his thoughts and his mouth, and what he thought had begun in playful, sportive fashion had quickly descended into a drunken nightmare. She’d forgiven embezzlement, peculation she’d called it, but this was a step too far and she was calling in the heavies, yes, her words ‘the heavies’!
He’d offered diamonds, cash, anything, in vain, and now his hand gingerly massaged his temple.  His stomach heaved as the mawkish aroma of failure and vomit overwhelmed him as did the horrific stench of slurry, rising in a steaming haze from the pile in the driveway right where his Lamborghini was parked.

(150 Words) I plan to relax and fit only a few of the requisite three out of the nine prompts into my Monday Mixer over at Jeff's Latinum Vault, so why, oh why do I keep going for Overachiever? 'Cause it's fun! This week the words put themselves there...and I had all nine before I realised it! Go read the rest and enjoy!

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  1. Oh my. Someone go in trouble! LOL You're such a pro at these Lisa. I love them and I always learn a new word - mawkish. :D