Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Illumination: Remember Me...

Play this piece of music whilst reading...
Let the music take you to another world, 
read slow and allow the music to dictate...

Photograph and Dragon by Lisa Shambrook (Please do not use)

Remember Me…   

Huge, ivory wings trembled as he lifted higher, rising through misty wraiths of memories, and he shivered in the cold, crystalline dawn. Heavy sighs wafted as his breath mingled with daybreak’s swirling, frosty veils. Still climbing, fighting his overwhelming desire to rest, he passed through dawn’s penumbra out into morning’s gilded rays. Dew shimmered across his age-worn wings, and muted bows cast soft reflections across his iridescent scales.    
The dragon drew strength from the pale golden light and ascended, lifting higher with every gust that caressed his wearied wings. He circled, and rose above the mountain peak before bursting out of the feathery plumes into the glorious azure sky. 
One last time he soared, rising into the sun’s intoxicating warmth, before gliding, floating, dropping and landing in soft, virgin snow. There, the spent creature, the very last of the magnificent Krystallos, released his final breath… a spiral of lost snowflakes… 

(150 Words)

This is written for Samantha Redstreake Geary's Illumination challenge. Michael Maas's release of 'Illumination' and 'Piano and Strings Edition' offers some stunning music and some beautiful tracks to write for. 150 words or less on the track of your choice and I chose 'Remember Me (feat David Christiansen)' from Michael Maas's 'Piano and Strings Edition'.
Go and read all the beautiful pieces...


  1. A mournful piece of music where I could picture your Krystallos on his last powerful flight. I love the imagery you have created and the unexpected ending. It is truly goegoeus. xx

    1. Thanks Lizzie, this is my imagined ending for my last Krystallos...it's not the way he actually goes... but I loved imagining this!

  2. So beautiful and moving. Again your the master of description, I could see myself flying with him. Congrats on your win, well deserved.

    1. Thanks Laura, I would love to fly with him (though I do in my heart)! You and Lizzie are so wonderfully supportive! x