Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I've Moved...Come, Follow Me...On Wordpress...

It's all new for 2014...

Bekah made herself a new blog over at Adofaer & Arkhdrauth, and it's beautiful...and as I've been using Wordpress with mine and Ruth Long's Shutterworks Photoblog, it only seemed right to follow...

I would love to see you over there, and feel free to follow...

I've migrated my whole blog across, posts, comments and all, so you'll feel quite at home, but with a fresh new atmosphere. 

I wanted something that would fit alongside my new Author website lisashambrook.com ...and this is it!

A new start for a new year.

See you there! 


  1. Okay! I've updated my "Writers I follow" page with links to your new blog and author page!

    1. Cool, and I've got you on my Blog Reader!