About Me

What I'm From

I'm from shyness and watching, 
from standing as still as possible, 
in the vain hope that the butterfly 
would land on my outstretched hand.
I'm from swinging as high as I could,
'til the chains went slack and the seat would jerk
and my heart would leap right out into the sky.
I'm from blackberry stained fingers
in the Three-Cornered-Copse. 
I'm from home-grown garden peas
with a crunch and rainbows
without beginning or end.
I'm from reading under the covers,
feverishly trying to finish the book
by torchlight.
I'm from walking my paper-round,
autumn's fragrance in my senses.
I'm from daisy chains and buttercups,
and standing in pouring rain, 
drops bouncing on the pavement, 
watching lightning far out to sea 
and thunder crashing
over our heads.
I'm from geography field trips 
and love at first sight.
I'm from scrawling my name 
on park benches
and climbing fallen trees in eighty-seven,
and singing and giggling of love 
and feeling free...
I'm from dreaming of a future 
that would never be.
I'm from finding myself...
I'm from long flowing skirts
and Doc Martens, swishing
and clumping down the street.
I'm from red telephone boxes,
a church step and friendships.
I'm from wild racing, stereo blasting, 
exhilaration, dark lanes and headlights.
Halloween and a spark
on Devil's Dyke.
I'm from walking barefoot
in the winter's sand,
crying in the rain, losing a promise,
but winning a battle.
I'm from diaries and keepsakes, 
photographs and memories...
Parents listening in the small morning hours
  when all I wanted was to talk...
of love, loss and life.
I'm from leaving past loves behind,
forming an eternal partnership...
and a broken heart loving
like it has never loved before.
I'm from delight, anticipation,
from that first nudge 
in a swelling tummy,
acknowledging an unborn miracle.
From intense pain, then newborn softness
and a completely new kind of love.
I'm from kissing wispy, soft baby's hair,
and from growing children,
frustrations, heartache and sacrifice,
giggles, cuddles and mischief.
I'm from losing myself...
I'm from rescued cats and devoted dogs 
and beautiful, dopey brown eyes.
I'm from ocean walks and sunsets, 
and tides catching us out as they turn.
I'm from kicking through leaves, 
golden, red, russet and brown,
 and splashing through puddles,
letting the joy of life infuse me.
I'm from breaking down and lifting up.
I'm from hopes and dreams 
and rediscovering myself... 
I'm from rainbows and dragons, 
putting words on paper 
and creating worlds of  my own.
I'm from adventures and excitement,
passion and spirit,
love and laughter, 
and God.

Lisa Shambrook
(originally written in 1996 and added to in 2012)


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  2. That is the best 'About' page I've read in a long time. Possibly ever.

  3. Wow, Lisa that was beautiful, I could see us all whilst reading through that, good memories so many to come xxxxx